Trouble changing over to the beta version of rclone

I am currently showing version 1.40-045-g0358e9e7 (with a diamond shape at the end)

I want to switch over to the beta stream

when I run the update script $ curl | sudo bash -s beta

it completes the process but the version is not a beta.

I recently moved from rclone being located in /usr/sbin to /usr/bin is this related to the problem?

Yes probably…


which rclone

to see which you are running and if it isn’t in /usr/bin then move it out the way.

which rclone



so it looks like its using the right one. But it still won’t update to the beta channel

Sorry should have read what you wrote more carefully… Is that what rclone version prints? If so that is a beta version.

The diamond shape should be a ß symbol - it probably indicated your terminal isn’t set to UTF-8

OK good to know. Thanks for that and for the rclone software. Much appreciated

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