Transparent double encryption possible?

Hello Rclone Fans,

i have a encrypted rclone drive on gdrive business - and i asked myself how long does it take that google hacks up the implemented encryption in Rclone ?

So - brute forcing with enough power - and google has enough datacenter power - can reduce the space the rclone customers use …8)

So - i thought of a second encryption - like encfs after rclone mount crypt … ore something like that.

Has anyone experience in this ? Is there any technical solution to raise thesecurity with this double encryption ?

Would it make sense to do this ? Any thoughts ?

In theory it should be fine, just adds more cpu overhead and a messier mounting structure.

Can’t see why on paper wrapping multiple encryption wouldn’t work as expected.

That being said, if they find a time efficient way to crack rclone’s encryption I’m not convinced encfs will save you.

Ok … thanks for reply … just searching for more protection on google drive …8) i read an article that they scan drives and also look manually (human) into it and analyse content …

Yeah but considering rclone crypt optionally scrambles paths in addition to not being able to open them, what do you think this would mean?


Just a random media file on my google drive. The only thing you’d possibly be able to get from it is matching the filesize, but not sure if that’s even subtly different between encrypted and decrypted…

If they know how Rclone encrypts they know the file size i guess … and if so … they can “match” content available on “market” …8)

I know every file has a RCLONE header - you can see it when opening a file in ASCII Mode … so they know it’s rclone … and a good programmer can get the source code of rclone and calculate the file size … even wihout decrypt ?

Other thing - i guess google can also join enough cpu/gpu power to get the key out of the encryted files - like passware does with bruteforce …

I’d say what rclone does is enough to evade automatic media content matches and automatic removal, if they’re hand sifting through your files already to find something they believe is there… Well I’d say you’re either mighty unlucky or done something worth looking at. Essentially all encryption can be broken with enough time and effort but the point here is usually raising the bar of effort so someone has to REALLY care to break it to get your data.
Even if they had the computing power, energy isn’t free, might be costing them tens of thousands to millions of USD in kw burned in DCs to break it.