Transfer from A to B using C as mediator

I need some clarification.
I have a Ceph storage and a server on which we have developed a website for large file repositories with metadata entry. Our users need to be able to upload these files from their PC to the Ceph storage using the website to enter their metadata

Is there a way to :

  • either to control from the website the transfer between the user's PC and the Ceph storage with rclone without intermediate upload
  • or to use rclone to temporarily upload the file to the web server before copying it to Ceph

The objective of all this is to minimize network transfer times for files that regularly reach very large volumes

I thank you in advance for any help you could give me


Rclone has an API which lets you upload a file

You could run an rclone rcd on the webserver and redirect the clients to post to it directly (with suitable authentication). Rclone could then take the file direct from the web browser and copy it straight into Ceph without having to write it to disk.

Is this the kind of thing you are thinking of?

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