Transfer based on specific date

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What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I want to sync only the data created after a certain date every day.

Using the --max-age option requires me to change the value of max-age every day.

A method is needed to sync only data created before or after a specific date and time.

Super easy. You can use absolute date and time as per docs:

These can also be specified as an absolute time in the following formats:

  • RFC3339 - e.g. 2006-01-02T15:04:05Z or 2006-01-02T15:04:05+07:00
  • ISO8601 Date and time, local timezone - 2006-01-02T15:04:05
  • ISO8601 Date and time, local timezone - 2006-01-02 15:04:05
  • ISO8601 Date - 2006-01-02 (YYYY-MM-DD)

It is worth to read documentation sometimes...

The above is understood as Time Format.

Which option can I use to sync only data befor or after a certain time?

Please give me an example.

All those are examples of dates before January, 2nd 2006 at 15:04:05.

So depending on what you want, set the proper date/time.

rclone sync [src] [dst] 200-01-02 15:04:05

I don't think I can use it like this because there is a space in the middle. How should I use it for before or after time?

Check out the docs:

Rclone Filtering

As i don't know what how you want to filter. Your first post talks about max-age so you use a date with max age.

Please check my post again.

In order for max-age to sync every day based on a specific time, the time of max-age must be changed every day.

ex) To sync data from 3 days ago based on now every day
1st day : --max-age=3d
2nd day : --max-age=4d
3rd day : --max-age=5d

I try to sync only the data after a certain time every day.
I couldn't find a suitable option for this.

I did read your post. Thanks for that.

Based on your example below.

Isn't that just 1st day Jan 1, 2nd day is also Jan 1 and 3rd day is also Jan 1 so you'd set the date to Jan 1 and be done?

Yes, I want to pin it to a specific date.
I want to run the same command every day. to sync.

Just put in whatever date you want then:

texter@macmini Downloads % rclone lsl GD:
       -1 2022-09-16 12:04:08.402000000 Joeisms.docx
texter@macmini Downloads % rclone ls GD: --max-age 2022-09-15
       -1 Joeisms.docx

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Thank you. ^.
It appears to be operating normally in 'rclone ls'.
I will try to check the operation in 'rclone sync'.

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Today is 2023-11-30.
When I use below command. rclone output error.
Can you tell me the reason?
I think the result of this command is empty list.

$ rclone ls /mnt_rg --max-age=2023-12-01
2023/11/30 14:36:09 ERROR : #recycle: error listing: failed to read directory entry: readdirent /mnt_rg/#recycle: permission denied
2023/11/30 14:36:11 ERROR : @ActiveBackup/FS-f2a2d679fc0b1262b7a4951aed3f3e4e: error listing: directory not found

looks like the source is a synology device, correct?
#recycle requires root user
so could try --exclude='#recycle'

fwiw, run commands with -vv for debug output

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