Tpslimit only in the source

Trying to transfer stuff from google drive to remotes with no limits I often see rclone slowing down because google is rate limiting me so is there a way to apply a tpslimit only to the source?

Does tpslimit apply to both source and remote equally ? Like --tpslimit 12 will limit both remotes to be within 12 requests or each remote/source/output can do 12 individually ?

--tpslimit 12 is quite crude at the moment. It limites all HTTP requests to 12 per second. So source and dest might get 6 each.

If you want to set just the drive backend you'd be better off setting

  --drive-pacer-burst int            Number of API calls to allow without sleeping (default 100)
  --drive-pacer-min-sleep Duration   Minimum time to sleep between API calls (default 100ms)

Or this for dropbox

  --dropbox-pacer-min-sleep Duration   Minimum time to sleep between API calls (default 10ms)

Note that --tpslimit 12 is equivalent to 1000/12 = 83ms sleep

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