Total begginer needs advice!

Hello, i have some questions and i need some advice about google drive, plex, and torrenting.

So a couple months ago i got access to unlimited Google shared drives, basically you just enter your Gmail and you get shared drive and i was wondering could i directly download files via torrents to the shared and somehow sort them on Google drive, it's not a g suite i don't know where they come from but it's free and unlimited. I've heard of sonarr and radarr So I started my research and I found some posts about permanent Google bans and this scared me i don't want to loose my Google account.
Lastly yesterday I bought a chromecast and i found out about plex, so i wonder could i use those shared Google drives also for a plex server?
I want to download my torrents directly to google shared drive sort my files and use plex form my google drive. Is perma ban real?

Seems like it was stupid question

There are many questions about other software products. I think rclone forum is not the right platform to ask for a all-in-one solution. So my advice is to start step by step with your infrastructure. I think in your desired infrastructure rclone takes only a small part.

P.S. yes, when you upload DMCA Content to your google drive, perma ban is real.