Token error during initial ACD config

Hey guys messing around with rclone and I’ve run an issue during the initial ACD configuration on Ubuntu 16.04.1 After getting the access token on my windows machine and copying to my VPS I’m using with rclone I get this output:

{“acccess_token”:“TOKEN”“expiry”:“2017-01-12T23:29:56.5516394- 05:00”}
2017/01/13 05:42:18 Failed to configure token: parsing time "“2017-01-12T23:29:56.5516394- 05:00"” as "“2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00"”: cannot parse “- 05:00"” as “Z07:00”

Not really what to make of this aside from a possible time sync error of sorts (or maybe I’m completely off) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That is strange!

It appears that the time is in an invalid format.

Does it look like 2017-01-12T23:29:56.5516394- 05:00 in the config file?

Have you tried configuring directly on the VPS using:

So the issue was resolved. Turns out there were spaces in the auth token when I was pasting it into CLI…Really silly :expressionless:

Ah! Glad you figured it out.