To slow mounted GD in windows

Hello guys,

I am currently using GD to store some TV shows and photos, and reading them with Plex Media Server, so what I did, was to mount GD with rclone as a local storage. But it takes for ages, to pull out all the info of a single folder with multiple files.
I have my own API key. Is there any flags I can add to the mount command to speed the proccess a bit more?

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  1. can you share your rclone command?
  2. what is the version of rclone used?
  3. have you seen this post?
    My Recommended Google Drive and Plex Mount Settings

Following. I am having issues as well, but I will also start my own thread to post my own command line etc.


I am using version:
rclone v1.50.2

  • os/arch: windows/amd64
  • go version: go1.13.4

And my command is as simple as:

rclone mount encrypt:/ X:

I have looked at that post, and seems like there are more than 800 messages. Do you have any good flags to use or recommendation for it?

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read the top post, it contains two links.

Yep, I already have my own client id, but also can not see any recommended flags to mount the drive, to be used by plex for example, in windows

there are a bunch of posts in the forum, you have to search for them.
one example,

When you say it takes ages to pull out "all the info for a folder"... do you mean in Plex, in windows explorer, etc?

The windows 10 guide above is mine. So feel free to ask any questions.

Hello @PepJr,

I need to check that guide, but I was meaning, windows, plex, whatever service or app that wants to pull information out of an rclone mounted folder, it takes like more than 10 secs, depending on how much files are inside.

I have standard config as you can see, so I need to figure out what flags could optimize my setup.

Kind regards

Everything works pretty snappy with my set up. I notice no lag doing anything on the Union drive. The VFS mount if I view it in explorer can be a little leggy sometimes (iirc. I don't go in there too often).

Ive not tweaked that setup since I wrote the guide, so those settings have been good for me for months.

Just went and had a play in my VFS... there is a slight lag opening folders, etc. But less than a second (probably less than half a second).

The only folder where there was significant lag (say 20 seconds) was a folder where I back up 20,000+ photographs.

@el_pedriyo what is your folder structure like? Is it one big folder? or folder/sub-folders?


So I currently tested some of the flags you used for the mount:

rclone mount --rc --allow-other --buffer-size 1G --dir-cache-time 72h --drive-chunk-size 256M --transfers 4 --checkers 16 --cache-workers 8 --contimeout 60s --timeout 300s --retries 3 --low-level-retries 10 encrypt:/series X:

And it's been quite helpfull, I mean, it seems that each directory that loads, it caches up, so the next time it loads, it is quicker, but for the ones I never accessed, it is still as slow as the first time.
My folder structure, is just an structure of maybe 50 files in 1 folder. Not folders inside of folders, as it i a Media server.

Kind regards

I don't really browse the vfs mount in windows explorer very often but the few times I have it isn't the fastest thing ever and it can sometimes freeze windows explorer for a while. One thing I found that makes it load slightly better is in windows explorer playing around with these optimize options, I have never bothered to look into this as to why this helps..


I had a look through Pepjr's guide you linked and I have a very similar setup to that with a union mount on windows running plex and I don't run into any issues at all other than trying to browse it using windows explorer, I suspect it's more of a windows / winfsp issue than an rclone issue.

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