Time estimation for migration

you can no problem - and it is the best option

rclone copy netstorage_remote:source_path amazonS3_remote:destination_bucket

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Thank you!!! They mentioned only local and got me confused!

I really wouldn't recommend EC2 for data transfer. AWS charge 9 cents per GB ($90 per TB) for outbound data transfer, which will come in at $900 for 10TB.

For comparison, Linode charge half a cent per GB ($5 per TB) which would run you $50 for the same 10TBs of data.
Linode even give you, minimum, 4TB a month free, but it's prorated so I'd recommend waiting and signing up on the 1st of the month to get the full 4TB allowance.
I also signed up using a referral link from Darknet Diaries, which gave my account a $100 credit too!

You could potentially run a Linode Dedicated 128, which has 128GB RAM, 50 Cores, 10TB bandwidth, and 10Gbps upload. Which would cost you $82.94 for 48 hours. Or get a much smaller machine and pay the extra bandwidth costs. Either way you could very well get all of your data migrated within the $100 sign up bonus that you get by using a referral link.

EDIT: Just seen above that you're transferring data into S3, so you shouldn't pay data transfer charges from your EC2 instance, provided your EC2 instance and your bucket are in the same region


in the OP case, using an EC2 machine, zero cost for data transfer.
no charge for ingress and no charge for egress to s3 bucket, if the EC2 and bucket are in the same region.

i made mention of that above and i know for a fact that is true.
as i use an EC2 to move data from wasabi to aws s3 deep glacier.

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