Thousands of case-different files on Google Drive

I'm trying to use rclone to download my entire 10TB Google Drive to local macos disks. I formatted the local disk as case-insensitive, which I realized, too late, is causing a major issue:

I am getting thousands of Duplicate object found in source - ignoring notices – most of which are because of multiple files which have the same name except for case, e.g., IMG1001.JPG and IMG1001.jpg

dedupe --dedupe-mode=rename does not work, because dedupe is case-sensitive.

Other than listing all 2M files and searching for these instance and writing a script to rename them one by one ... which would take days ... is there any other solution?

Or am I SOL?

This is default and good choice for macOS especially for system drive as most macOS apps do not deal well with case-sensitive file systems.

If you have to work with case-sensitive filesystems and names then plan accordingly. macOS supports it (just do not use it for system drive). Format some external disk as APFS(Case-Sensitive) or use different filesystem - ext4 for example.

Well it's too late ... already copied about 5 TB.

Is there no way to make dedupe have a --case-sensitive-off feature?

Or something like that?