The Sync command can't disable server-side-copy?

I have personally only tried with paid GSuite accounts.

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Ok, thanks for the excellent information. Well worth looking into later.

My record 1,388 GB copy to Team Drive Acoount

I Used server side copy and copy using my bandwidth

Now i have my backup!

Is that you use server side copy and copy using my bandwidth make 1388 GB copy one day???
Can u share how to use server side copy into team drive account?
If someone share a folder name FolderA to DriveA, and I had set the account as team drive in rclone config.
Can I use the command:
rclone copy --drive-shared-with-me DriveA:FolderA DriveA:

Server side copy:
rclone -P copy gdriveone:MyFolder gdrivetwo:MyFolderBck --drive-server-side-across-configs=true --transfers=10 --fast-list
But first you have to share the url on gdriveone copy and paste on gdrivetwo then use "add to my drive"
Copy using my bandwidth:
rclone -P copy gdriveone:MyFolder gdrivetwo:MyFolderBck --transfers=10 --fast-list

Thanks! I‘ll try it

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