The rclone.conf files is not Rclone Browser

rclone-v1.45-132-gf799be1d-beta-windows-amd64 is not working with Rclone Browser, the rclone.conf files is not read…

Do you have a log file or some more info?

there is no way of log anything, with rclone browser, but when use ver. 1.45.117 rclone browser works it list alle rclone.conf drives, but on 1.45.132 and 133, rclone browser can’t see or read the rclone.conf file…

I think the issue is with the latest rclone.exe, because the same .conf file is read just fine when using .117.

When I test on my mac, I see:

:~ /tmp/rclone_config.command ; exit;
Error: unknown command "config--config" for "rclone"
Run 'rclone --help' for usage.
2019/01/31 12:53:58 Fatal error: unknown command "config--config" for "rclone"
Saving session...
...copying shared history...
...saving history...truncating history files...
Deleting expired sessions...12 completed.

[Process completed]

I’m using the stable 1.45 version