The past week or so whenever I rclone copy to googledrive and then instantly a second later cryptcheck the same folder I just uploaded... I get a mismatched hash for one of the files

Listen to @ncw and run memtest86 regardless. Helped me debug weird and random errors before.

I will run memtest86 eventually but if it means having my computer offline for 24hours, it's not something I can do just today.

Edit: Since memtest runs instead of an operating system.

are you still using that buggy, beta cache backend when testing?

should take approx one perhaps two hours.

memtest86 took about 2-3minutes to run because it ran into so many errors it refused to bother finishing the test.

How the f was this system entirely stable for all of may and june and july and in august and september it's only blue screen of deathed 1-3 times a week (it's on 24/7).

Wow, also... how is rclone working at all? lol

edit: Fingers crossed that patriot memory has good customer service and honors my warranty. Lesson learned, always run memtest86 asap so you can return it to the store within 30days if it fails. I also hope they ship me a replacement before I ship them the defective parts, but that's probably too much to hope for. This system is surprisingly stable for how badly broken it's ram claims to be.

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XMP ram at 3200mhz instead of the stock 2100 mhz setting for non-xmp ram.
HDD temperature spiked to 48C

sure, this is common, when building a home-brew computer.

in your case, a triple whammy.

  1. using overclocked ram, perhaps an overclocked cpu.
  2. the extreme temperatures of the system / motherboard / hard drives creates problems for ram chips.
  3. over time, those condition permanently damage components like ram and hard drives and lead to bitrot.

if your motherboard supports ECC, go with that at rated speeds.

The ram would NOT be considered overclocked at 3200mhz. That's the listed spec. It is just that intel will not allow ram to be rated over 2100mhz (actually this is me rounding from 2133) without using XMP profile. Essentially everything in the computer is supposedly running at stock speeds. They're just high end components. At least supposedly.

Edit: That said, if I get this 3200mhz ram replaced under warranty with more 3200mhz ram, maybe I'll just run it at 2133mhz anyways.

the high temp of the hard drives, could/would damage the ram chips.
so perhaps the new chips would fail yet again.

well, i guess this is getting off-topic

good luck

XMP causes problems at the best of times, try manually entering Freq, voltage and timings.

Also check for a BIOS update for your motherboard. Motherboards have a big part to play in terms of memory stability.

Good luck!

To clarify, I ran memtest86 with XMP on (how I'd been using the computer). After that failed, I reset the bios setting to XMP off, and the memtest86 still failed. However, yeah, if I do get warranty replacements, and I don't see why I wouldn't. I'll probably never use XMP ever again.

the heat of the hard drives could have damaged the ram.
does not take much to do that.

Turns out (according to memtest86) that only one of the 4kilobyte or is it kilobit? blocks of ram, aka the smallest memory address range windows lets you reference was bad. That's why the system "seemed" stable to me, despite having a horrible flaw.

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