The file is already being used by another process

Is there any parameter so that Rclone does not stop when trying to copy a file in use?

Version: rclone-v1.45-168-gda900694-beta-windows-386

I downloaded this version to see if the error of the files in use of Excel XLSX was resolved, but I get the message “The file is already being used by another process.”. In this case, how do you get RClone to continue?
Doctos~$Payment Form 2019.XLSX

Thank you!

You’d have to make the file not in use if you want to copy it down.

Rclone can’t do that as it’s an OS locking thing.

Hmmm … ok.
My problem at the moment is with excel, temporary files.
Would you have an idea of ​​a Copy or Sync parameter for not reading files that start with ‘~ $’ ? this way I could include it in my filter.
Thank you!

See My Actualy Filter:

Rules inc file - Sync or Copy Option

  • *.ds_store
  • *.store
  • *.appledouble
  • *.ds_store
  • *.spotlight-v100
  • *.documentrevisions-
  • *.temporaryitems
  • *.trashes
  • *.fseventsd
  • *.lock
  • *.sys
  • *.bin
  • *.part
  • *.pcloud
  • *.zfsendtotarget
  • *.zfsendtotarget
  • *.desklink
  • *.tmp
  • *.edb
  • *.log
  • *.pf
  • *.chk
  • *.lo_
  • *.crmlog
  • *.bak
  • *.dmp
  • *.hdmp
  • *.mdmp
  • *.ntx
  • *.bak
  • *.exe
  • *.zip
  • *.rar