The file exists on the server but rclone always returns the "File not in Local file system" error.

Hello friends,

The file exists on the server (pcloud or one drive) but rclone always returns the “File not in Local file system” error.
Another 35,000 files are of the same format and do not give this error.

FOLDERDOCTOS/SCANNED FOLDERS/CLIENT17/HUMBERTO MOREIRA SOUZA - 0038174-03.2878.3.01.0238/Contrato Humberto.pdf: File not in Local file system at \?\D:\bk

The full command you’re attempting to use.
rclone" “check” “D:\bk” “pclouddocs:backup01/D_bk” --filter-from=inc\nobkp.txt --size-only --ignore-case --log-file=C:\Users\remoto01\AppData\Local\Temp\htmp\cli\logcheck2.txt -vv --progress

A logfile of rclone’s output with personal information removed. If it is large, you can use services like It’s usually helpful to increase the logging with -v or -vv depending.

2019/01/30 09:14:46 Can’t set -v and --log-level
2019/01/30 09:15:16 DEBUG : rclone: Version “v1.45” starting with parameters [“cfg\rclone” “check” “D:\bk” “pclouddocs:backup01/D_bk” “–filter-from=inc\nobkp.txt” “–size-only” “–ignore-case” “–log-file=C:\Users\remoto01\AppData\Local\Temp\htmp\cli\logcheck2.txt” “-vv” “–progress”]
2019/01/30 09:15:16 DEBUG : Using config file from “C:\Users\remoto01\.config\rclone\rclone.conf”

The error is telling you that the file does not exist in your computer locally but it exists in the cloud. Check that D:/bk/FOLDERDOCTOS/SCANNED FOLDERS/CLIENT17/HUMBERTO MOREIRA SOUZA - 0038174-03.2878.3.01.0238/Contrato Humberto.pdf exists in your computer.

Andy, Thanks for the answer. Yes, it exists in the local folder and is also in the remote folder, which I find strange, because whenever I use “check” I get this message.
As I’m developing an app in Harbour, it runs the backup routine unnecessarily.

Just a thought - is it in exactly the same case in the local and the remote?

If I “copy” using the “–track-renames” parameter the files are located, checked and gives no error. But if I check again with “check” it returns that there are files to copy.
Thank you and sorry for my English.


Are those directories symlinked? or perhaps permissioning issue?

Hmmm, analyzing the files I noticed that there are two files with the same name, with a small difference. a space less than the dash. But RClone has detected that this is the same file … see:

2019/01/30 23:30:22 ERROR: GUILHERME SOUZA AMARAL-0001807-24.2017.5.12.0059 / 0001807-24.2017.5.12.0059.pdf: Failed to copy: failed to make directory: nameAlreadyExists: An item with the same name already exists under the parent

2019/01/30 23:31:35 INFO: GRUILHERME SOUZA AMARAL - 0001807-24.2017.5.12.0059 / 0001807-24.2017.5.12.0059.pdf: Copied (new)

Forgive me for your time of you analyzing. Thank you! I will analyze the other files and see if they have the same situation.


The difference is minimal, just one more space … and this happens in other files …


This error nameAlreadyExists: An item with the same name already exists under the parent comes direct from pcloud, so it is as if pcloud thinks those two different directories are the same.

I’m not sure why that should be.

What does it look like in the web interface?

If you try uploading just the troublesome files again to a different location, do you get the same problem? I’m wondering if this is a one-off problem at pcloud

Today I will do more tests to reach a definitive conclusion.
I’m going to analyze more cases with care, because I’ve used the --track-ranames command with the copy command

I may have created some conflict in my copies or in my commands, so I want to create a new folder in PCLOUD, clean, upload all files and track log files.
This way it will be more useful and enlightening, so it may take a while for my answer ok? Thanks!


--track-renames doesn’t work with copy BTW, only with sync

That’s fine! I’m not sure where the problem is exactly so it would be interesting to find out more.

Sorry for not having informed you yet … Yesterday I spent the afternoon and the night doing tests and the mistake did not happen again. I uploaded + -57000 files and folders to PCloud without any errors. I believe that I may have occasioned this conflict / error at some point in the deployment and creation of the folder.
Forgive me if I caused any problems or took your time unnecessarily.
I continue analyzing and monitoring and any occurrence re-post. Thank you one more time!

No problems - let me know if it happens again, especially if you can reproduce it.

Happy rcloning!

thank you for your attention and dedication!

Very happy with Rclone!

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