Testers needed for bash completion especially on macOS


We’ve just been refreshing rclone’s bash completion so it can complete remote paths as well.

This works well on linux, though more testing would be good.

We haven’t found any macOS testers though - any volunteers? (@jrock ?)

See this issue for the beta: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1529#issuecomment-461197899

I’d like to merge this for the v1.46 release for the weekend so any testing before then is much appreciated!



Dang, just noticed this. 1.46 just got released so I’m wondering if you still need help with this, at least for 1.47.


Me too! It is Chinese New Year holidays here in Asia, a very serious affair! Happy to test a bit on osx when I get back to home base late this week.


@AndyIbanezK @jrock
I put it in the 1.46 release as I thought it probably wouldn’t make things worse. If you had time to check, that would be great!