TeamDrive & Google Drive & Windows RDS

Currently we are deloying a Microsoft RDS Web Client for a customer that is using GSuite. The major struggle we have, is enabling users to connect to the Drive and Teamdrive.
The filestream client is not of much use, as this is not RDS aware and does not function.

The alternative we see is using rclone to mount Drive and Teamdrive (option 12 in storage selection)
I poked around a bit and am able to make an unattended mount to the users Google Drive.
However, the teamdrive part is another story.

The customer is fully automated and there are multiple teamdrives that can be accessed per user. This means the user needs to dynamically find all teamdrives and mout those.
As far as i am aware, rclone is supporting Teamdrives, however every mount needs a different mountpoint aka drive letter.

Is RClone able to Mount the root of the teamdrives and have the accessible folder visible? This way the customer is able to have two drive mappings mappings, effectively mimicking the "old" environment. I'm looking for a solution to mount Teamdrives to a mountpoint, where each teamdrive is a separate subfolder.

Is there anyone in the same scenario, or maybe has a solution?

RClone version:
rclone v1.48.0

  • os/arch: windows/amd64 (Windows Server 2016)
  • go version: go1.12.3

I don't think there is any way of mounting the "root" of the teamdrives no. I don't think there is any hierarchical structure to them like that. You could probably fetch the IDs out and somehow automate them from there via script. After all the rclone config tool can list these IDs.

If it was only a matter of organizing the data more easily I might suggest looking into the union backend or setting up a solution via symbolic links - but it seems like your primary problem is maybe just as much to avoid having to manually configure drives for each user, and that is not something I have any easy suggestion for.

rclone doesn't do that at the moment...

If you know the teamdrive IDs you can programatically build config for them very easily.

complexing factor is the ammount of separate teamdrives, they exceed 20 by far, thus mapping/mounting on folder level is essential.
Further there is the complicating factor that the permissions to the teamdrives are assigned using automation and can change on a daily base (i know it sounds weird). This makes it even harder as i need to build the configuration every logon.

I guess rclone, even though a great tool, is not the solution i hoped for.....

We may one day put that extra layer of indirection in so you get this... It is a lot of work though!

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