Sync without copy?

Is there any way to "sync without copy?"

I'm trying to remove all from bucket 2 thats not on bucket 1, but am on my daily limit and have no throughput left so cant copy from bucket 1 to bucket 2.


I think you'll have to produce a list using a dry-run sync or check and then feed that list into a delete command.

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I haven't tested this but with the new beta you can do this.

rclone sync b a --dry-run 2>&1| grep "Not deleting" | awk -F": " '{print $2}' | rclone delete a -vv --include-from - --dry-run

Remove the last dry-run to run it. But I'd really test first!

In the release version this:

 rclone sync b a --dry-run 2>&1| grep "Not deleting" | awk -F": " '{print $2}' > files
 rclone delete a -vv --include-from files --dry-run

@filthyrich You could use this.
In line 14 of diffmove change rclone move --files-from difflist.txt to
rclone deletefile --files-from difflist.txt.
Then run ./diffmove bucket2: bucket1:

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