Sync Underlying Remotes

Does anyone have a good way to figure out which directories are which in the underlying remote of a crypt?

Since server side copies and moves don't work on crypt remotes, when I go looking for the directory in the underlying remote that I need to move/copy/etc I usually just end up counting files to try and match them up based on size and number of files, but that takes forever... there has to be a better way, but I can't think of one...

I tried using touch [dir_name] on a mount, but that didn't seem to be reflected in google drive's web interface, which is what I'm using to try and find the directory names. Or, at least it's not reflected immediately.

They should do... What makes you think they don't? If you are going across remotes then you'll need --crypt-server-side-across-configs too

You can use this to work out what a file/dir is called

$ rclone backend encode my_crypt_backend: "my dir name"

It was just my understanding that this would not work.
This is incorrect?

And whether I am doing a server-side copy or a local download/upload copy, I'm going to hit the same limitation on file creation rates, correct? (The current server-side copy I have running is topping out at 17Mbps due to the wait times creating new files... Yikes.)

They should work. It is possible that it was broken in the olden days but it should be fixed now!

Don't know... I imagine so but I'm not sure!

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