Sync setup in linux

I’m new to rclone and I’m currently testing it to see if it will work ok for me…

I already saw that it performs correctly when I encrypted&copied a subdir to googledrive.

My question: to keep sync-ed my files, is it correct to use something like rclone copy data remotecrypt: from my cronfile?

I’m asking because I’m not sure how rclone manages the passwords, so I fear it will try to ask to cron the password :slight_smile:

Yes that should be fine. rclone keeps all the tokens/passwords in the config file so won’t ask for a password unless you use config file encryption.

If you do use config file encryption then you’ll need to set the password in RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS environment variable.

thanks for the help!

By config file encryption you mean if I set the salt password? In that case yes, I did it as recommanded during the setup.
If that’s so, how can I set RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS in a way that doesnt defeat the purpose of the password itself? I mean, I dont like that it stays in cleartext anywhere…

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I just found, so I saw that you suggested using a gpg agent - unfortunately it’s not clear to me how to do it…
Well, I think I’ll resort to RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS: something like

export RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=mysaltedpassword
rclone -v -L --log-file=/var/log/rclone.log sync myhomedir crypt:

do you think it’s ok?

No. See

Unless you are using that you don’t need RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS

ok thank you.
I didnt set this additional encryption - is it really necessary?
I ask, because I see that password and password2 in rclone.conf are not plaintext

It is up to you…

They are obfuscated, meaning someone could reverse engineer rclone (not hard since it is open source) and figure out what the passwords are.