Sync only if there is a certain file in the folder?


I am using the sync command for cloning my files to the other side (local to sftp) It works great and I like it a lot, more than Rsync.

Is it possible to run sync for real only if there is acertain file in the source folder? The reason is that I want to put this in a cron job and I want to make sure that I am not wiping out the target. These are mounted bacups so they always have backup conf files there.


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it should be easy to write a batch script that looks for a file on the local file system and if the file exists, then run rclone

on windows

if exist c:\test\file.txt goto yesfile
goto end
rclone sync c:\test sftp:
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Thanks I will see how I can do that with Bash.

ls /path/file && rclone command....

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