Sync/copy open directories without creating an http backend


Current situation:
Normally, if I want to copy/sync open directories such as httpx:// (I put httpx because it didn't allow me to put links into post), I'll need to create an http backend for the URL httpx:// first then run copy command.

The problem
I want to copy/sync about a hundred of open directories like that. With that said, I'll have to create a hundred of http backends. It's really time consuming.

What I need
I need a way to copy/sync any URLs without creating http backends. The command may be something like:

rclone copy "httpx://" google-drive:"/MusicArchive/"

Is there any way to achieve that?

Thank you for your time!

hello and welcome to the fourm,

you can create a http remote on the fly, as documented at

It worked like a charm! Many thanks!

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