Sync change for empty folder

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I need to sync files according to the time change without deleting the files (if a file is missing or the entire folder is empty).

for example: I have 10 files on the server and 1 file with the same name as on the server is created on the new device (PC not server) and I need to synchronize this files, so that there are 10 files on both the server and the PC.

Having a bit of a tough time following.

If you use copy, the source gets copied to the destination.
If you use sync, the source gets copied to the destination and anything on the destination not on the source is deleted.

If you sync 10 files from the source, the destination will have 10 files on it regardless of what it looked like before.

thank you for your answer unfortunately I still do not understand how best to solve my problem.

i need this without deleting files:

I think you'll need to run that in two copies. The first with --ignore existing. The second with --update.

EDIT: Actually won't just running that with copy --update do what you need?
rclone copy --update pc: remote: -vv

thank, use twice copy --update solves my problem.

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