Sync: Add deleted files total size to status summary line

On rclone sync, a status summary line with total bytes copied is printed. You can easily know how much your space usage is increased.
However, for deleted files on sync, you don't know how many bytes you're freeing from the remote. Knowing that might be useful.

Rclone produced this status block

2023/04/30 17:36:38 INFO  : 
Transferred:   	          0 B / 0 B, -, 0 B/s, ETA -
Checks:                 1 / 1, 100%
Deleted:                1 (files), 0 (dirs)
Elapsed time:         0.0s

This shows the number of files deleted and the number of directories deleted. Are you suggesting we add the total size deleted to this line too? Something like?

Deleted:                1 (files), 0 (dirs),  150MiBytes

That's exactly it :smile:
(And in any other longer or shorter versions of the summary which may be configurable via options)

EDIT: Purpose is to know how much more/less space are we using in the end by just looking at upload total vs. deleted total.

If you want to know how much more or less space you need then you'll need more info than that I think.

That is because files rclone overwrites aren't counted in the deleted files.

So we'd need to could

  1. size of files rclone uploads (we have this already)
  2. size of files rclone overwrites (this is new)
  3. size of files rclone deletes (this is also new)

And then compute 1) - 2) - 3) as the change in repository size

It would be relatively easy just to add 3) but I'm not sure this gets you what you want?

Good call, I didn't thought about file updates, since I don't care for my usage. But that would allow --dry-run to precisely forecast space needs (which is not my usage scenario). I guess it would make the change somewhat more complicated, but it could be useful, indeed.

My personal use case is mostly additions and deletions and there are little updates and the size differences are minimal, thou. Also, I often do regular cleanups and dedupes on source files which cause sync to be mostly deletes. Having the "updated bytes" figure would be the icing on the cake, although I personally can live without it, since I can have a rough enough idea of the sizes with just uploads and deletes, but that's just my personal case.

In summary, If "updated files byte difference" is also shown, it would solve my needs more precisely, no doubt. But not a must for me.

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