Sync ACD to Dropbox

I would like to synchronize an ACD folder to Dropbox.
here is my command line:
Amazon rclone sync: / RS815 Dropbox: / RS815 --checksum -v

however, I do not have the files and their contents identically!
I found different files, for example this one:
RS815 \ 815_1.hbk \ Control \ @writer \ sequence_id
on ACD it contains: 478
and on Dropbox: 460

the content is not exactly the same, is there a possibility of ensuring a good synchronization in my case?

thank you

What happens if you run the sync again - does it correct the problem?

If you run rclone check it should show you differences between the source and destination.

Note that since dropbox and acd don’t share a checksum, the --checksum flag effectively means --size-only. THis could explain what you are seeing.

Try the sync without the --checksum flag so it uses mod times.

thank you for your reply.

I already tried without the --checksum for him everything seems right …but suddenly I’m not sure :frowning:

rclone check Amazon:/RS815 Dropbox_:/RS815 -v
2017/12/15 14:56:02 INFO  : amazon drive root 'RS815-': Modify window not supported
2017/12/15 14:56:02 INFO  : Dropbox root 'RS815': Waiting for checks to finish
2017/12/15 14:57:09 NOTICE: Dropbox root 'RS815': 0 differences found
2017/12/15 14:57:09 NOTICE: Dropbox root 'RS815': 189268 hashes could not be checked