Support for Sia

A nice feature would be rclone support for Sia decentralized cloud storage.

There is an API:
And also the siac command:

I think Sia can be a good cloud storage alternative if the tools to use it would be better. For instance would a fuse mount be nice. It is supported by NextCloud but my hope is that rclone can support it too in the future.

I have used rclone with google drive and it works very well.
Thanks for a great program to make cloud storage so much easier!


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Bump for visibility as i have just found out about sia today. It is a viable alternative to other cloud services.


This would be awesome!


Sia hosts you data on other private user storage systems around the globe? Meanwhile thy get Sia coins for hosting your files?!
Did I get this correctly?

There is an issue for this - please add your support there:

Thanks for the info ncw!!

@Julz2k thats correct. Its a blockchain storage network, you could see the network growing here