Support for S3 Glacier


Does rclone support S3 Glacier? I know that an S3 remote supports the storage class of Glacier as discussed in #923 - I’m curious though if rclone can sync with Amazon’s dedicated glacier service which uses vaults as opposed to buckets.


rclone doesn’t talk directly to the vaults service.

I think you can retrieve glacier objects via the S3 interface though can’t you?


It looks like both S3 Glacier and S3 with storage class glacier both store objects in the Amazon glacier service. The difference is the interface with which you access the files, at least in the web, not sure if the APIs present other options. Files stored in S3 with storage class glacier are not accessible from the S3 Glacier interface and vice versa.

I think S3 with storage class glacier will work just fine in my scenario. I just wanted to confirm rclone couldn’t interface with S3 Glacier directly.


I hadn’t heard of there being another interface until today!