Support Cubbit cloud service

It would be great if Rclone could manage Cubbit cloud storage, too. It is a definitely atypical cloud system, nevertheless, it can’t not be supported by a “cloud storage swiss army knife”

(Note: Cubbit official website is, i have no idea why I can’t add links)

You can't add links because you are a new user and sadly, the internet is not a great place and folks spam things.

I don't see any API for Cubbit from my first look, but I could be missing something as well.

If you have an API link, please share it (I made it so you can use links).

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Thanks a lot. To be honest, I am not a developer and I do not really know. Nevertheless, the project is at a very early development stage, hence I believe that APIs are going to be published in a second moment. In any case, I am a very big fan of the project and I strongly suggest to keep an eye on it because I consider it revolutionary.

Let’s keep this thread open so that when APIs will be published this matter could be further investigated.

Thank you very much for the quick response!


hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone already supports Tardigrade.
in what way is cubbit better than that or this where you can earn money?

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