Supertransfer plan on Rclone?

Are there plans to make an integrated version of Supertransfer in Rclone service account so bypass 750GB / day upload limit to gdrive on a single account ???

I don’t think I’ve had a concrete suggestion as to how this might work…

Something like let --drive-impersonate cycle through a list of email adresses - is that it?

Flicker-rate knows all about Supertransfer2, he manipulated rclone to implement ddurdle idea about using service accounts to switch accounts.
Flicker-rate was working with rclone developers already, but don’t know the name of how the rclone develpers was, because he helped them with rclone cache testing.

Thanks for the links! Yes it looks like some scheme making --drive-impersonate use multiple users would work. This wouldn’t be too tricky to implement…

You are welcome… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the point out guys. Yes, it really does work nicely with the service accounts. @ncw

The thing is the user has to make between 2+ more json files and then has to be imported, renamed, and then deploys. streamlined the coding to make it easier; then cloudcmd launches directly to allow upload of the json files easily.

Just made PG drives which use that new vfs-feature (no more cache needed), unionfs the personal and teamdrives with supertransfer; nuts :smiley: Flicker-rate and I have been working hard to get this done :smiley: Flicker-rate was working with Durddle on this.

Yes, you have done a lot of work for Linux users. Is anyone working on a version that may work in Windows as Rclone can, Supertransfer2 can, after I know not run on windows, this really be understood … Therefore, it would be great if this feature comes in the actual Rclone.

To be honest, i was pro windows, but i don’t see this foreseeable on our end. Reason is due to expertise required, skills and etc. I think the difficulty in using windows to accomplish this or many of the others tasks is why stuff has never been done. I didn’t touch linux until sep of last year and i realize why it’s a godsend; because of it’s simplicity to accomplish certain task. Even Ombi is a chore to make work in windows (well when i used version2). Just use vmware or emulator and you can accomplish many of the same things. Technically, it coming to rclone exceeds the scope of their project, but who knows :smiley: The problem is even with rclone directly pushing it is; google can change their minds at anytime (so is it worth it) then many of the json files have to be imported. This would add a layer of complexity :smiley: I’ve learned this with our project (people request out-of-bounds stuff all the time) :smiley:

PG 5.081 Beta 3 Released. All works now, no more plexdrive. Just pure rclone and ready to go via traditional move or ST2.

Are there any people working on this implementation, by switching auto between service accounts?

We have some people working to improve it on our end. The auto switching would be nice if rclone had that, but it boils back down to importing and etc.

Is any one working on this Supertransfer to Rclone or ?