Suggestion for rclone to use the official megacmd api

Hi guys, what is the mega api used in rclone? megatools? megacli? what is the possibility of using the official megacmd api in rclone?

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that is documented here

right, and my other question is if there is a possibility to use the official megacmd api in rclone

well, do not see an official api for megacmd, looks like a list of commands that can be run.
megacmd is written in cpp and rclone uses go.

tho anything is possible,
there is a backlog of are over 700 open issues and pull requests.

there are a few options.

  1. make a detailed case for all the work required, given that rclone already supports the mega api.
    and see if any other rcloners want it.
  2. you are free to write the source code yourself and it might get added to rclone.
  3. can sponsor/donate to the rclone project.

note: can use megacmd webdav server and have rclone use the webdav server.

well, I'm not a developer, but my idea would be an improvement for rclone to use the official mega api, which is megacmd, instead of using go-mega, since there are several problems for the current mega api used on rclone... but in my view, wouldn't it be just putting the commands that megacmd uses, in rclone? changing syntax, etc.

ok, let's see what other rcloners think.

fwiw, rclone already uses the mega api.
you might want to change the title of your topic to more accurately reflect your ask.

title changed, thanks

There isn't anything written in GO to use.

MegaCMD is written in C++.

This piece is the key from the docs:

So there's not much to do here.

You can use the mega tools to run a WebDAV server and then rclone can use that.

It works ok but it isn't as fast as rclone using the API directly.

The main problem with mega is the API isn't documented except in an enormous, very difficult to read C++ program.

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