Suggestion for Rclone (filtering)


Would be really cool to support as "gdrive" does.


What would you see the user interface being? Something you do at configure time?

No, just like "classic" filtering options at runtime. For example (as gdrive :
"trashed = false and 'me' in owners")

So would that be a command line flag for rclone? What would you expect to see?

My wish would be to add a --query option that would apply a filter to the designated path

For example :
rclone lsjon --query "'' in owners" dgdrive:

Would list all files belonging to in the referenced Google drive

I see, so to be able to supply extra constraints for the search query

You can see the query being built up in the drive backend source.

So a new backend flag --drive-query could add things to this query.

Do you fancy trying to implement something like that?

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