Suggestion: Files locked



My purpose is to use the generated Logs to visually show what is happening with copies, syncs or downloads … I imagine it is the only way to interact my APP with Rclone would be this way, or is there another alternative? maybe develop something close to RcloneBrowser.
I’m developing in Harbor / Open Source. For windows environment, but fonts can be compiled under Linux.


I wonder if the RC control would provide you at least some of what you need rather than scraping the logs. I believe RC has undocumented ways of getting at some of the data. One of which may be stats. Another way may be to develop in GO and leverage rclone as a source.


This will let you get stats but that isn’t enough for you i dont think but then you can rely on polling of rc to give you the status.


Hmmm, thank you! I’ll look and study …