Struggling with a basic vps+ Google Drive +plexdrive+rclone

Hi. I’m hoping someone can help me clear up a concept I’m struggling with.

  • I have a VPS running Plex with plexdrive and Google Drive storage. I’ve mounted and can play the unencrypted files successfully.
  • I now want to upload rclone-encrypted files from my desktop hard drive to Google Drive (this part I have done successfully) and then mount those encrypted files with plexdrive so that my VPS can play them.

Is this possible and, if so, how? Or, do I need to upload the unencrypted files to my VPS, then with rclone encrypt them there and upload to Google Drive and then mount with plexdrive?

I read the Valvoline tutorial but could not really tell if it applied to the scenario I described above:

Thank you.

You have to upload them using rclone. If you put them on your google drive using finder or whatever they are not encrypted. Do you use windows/linux/…?