Stratified information at the end of the log

It would be interesting that the end of the log files had the information about file operations a bit more stratified.

Rather than:

Transferred:   12.151 MBytes (333.773 kBits/s)
Errors:                 0
Checks:             19295
Transferred:           98
Elapsed time:     4m58.2s

It could be:

Transferred              :   12.151 MBytes (333.773 kBits/s)
Errors                   :           0
Checks                   :       19295
Transferred (new)        :          80
Transferred (overwrite)  :          10
Deleted                  :           8
Skipped (unchanged)      :       19197
Elapsed time             :     4m58.2s

I’ve been thinking of adding Deleted in.

You don’t need Skipped (unchanged) that is essentially what Checks counts.

So remaining from your list would be new, vs overwrite - perhaps in a bracket after the transferred count?


Oh… I thought “checks” meant:

  • “checked” - new, need to copy
  • “checked” - already exists, no need to copy (unchanged)
  • “checked” - this one needs to be deleted.

I think it would be clearer to put each one on a separate line.