Stop rclone after x minutes/hours

I have 1 TB to sync/backup to Amazon. I was hoping to do it in 3 hour batches. So I am wondering is there anyway to initiate a sync and have rclone stop after 3 hours. I know I can manually kill it after 3 hours but I was hoping to script it.

Thank you!

you could put in script killall -9 rclone to kill all processes ( including mount so make sure you remount after )

I do not understand. Put it where? How?


sleep 180m
killall -9 rclone

in your rclone upload script add this before you start rclone copy
exec /path/ &

Check if you have killall command if not do
sudo apt-get install psmisc

p.s. I assume you are running it on linux, if you run it in windows just add it to task scheduler and limit 3h time there.

Oh. Thank you. I will try that.