Starred only duplicate folders

I've tried using the Starred Only flag to just copy starred files to a separate new folder.

Is this a correct use for the argument? Because it's generating duplicate folders

That is unfortunate, but probably expected as if the folder isn't visible when "Starred Only" is in effect then rclone will create it again.

Can you give an example command line?

You can always use rclone dedupe to tidy up.

knew should have given an example but was reading forum on phone

rclone copy gsuite: gsuite:\Fav --drive-starred-only --drive-server-side-across-configs -P

given that you are using the same remote for both source and dest --drive-server-side-across-configs would not do anything.

I think this is the same cause as

Can you put a note on that issue that it happens with --drive-starred-only too please.

How does using dedupe after as a workaround work for you?

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on other tread, sounds like same issue. And dedupe worked

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Just tried different source drive and still get duplicate, it's not deal breaker but would be a nice option to have

Did you try the work-around in the issue? Create a starredonly remote and try copying from that to the normal remote? You'll want to use --drive-server-size-across-configs also.

thanks not sure how to create starred only drive?
I tried adding

drive-starred-only = true
type = drive
scope = drive

but that didn't seem to do anything, is there an easy guide?

That needs to say

starred_only = true

Then it should work.

thank you. yes that does indeed work, no duplicates

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