SSH_FX_FAILURE (my way to use ACD)

after reading alot ppl moving files from ACD with alot software(complicated), i done my own way(simple way), so Im moving files from amazon, so i created sftp server to act as TUNNEL moving files from amazon to other provider(gdrive this case) i just have a “converter tunnel” instead rclone to direct amazon, i do now rclone to ssh and i have same directories and speed as before.
everything is working super fine, but i get time to time sftp: “Unspecified error.” (SSH_FX_FAILURE) ERROR it is ok i just retry it while copying files.

But thing is i want to test it out on the fly to stream files, it works but i cannot have any errors because half of my files are s3ql fs in amazon drive and that will unmount the drive if get any error on file read. so question is is there any option to get that failure to retry ? i dont want a fail after one try, i want retry. as everyone know amazon need alot retries. just a retry will fix this problem. any tips?