Sprinkle volume clustering utility

I wanted to take few moments to introduce the forum to Sprinkle, the volume clustering utility.

Sprinkle is a volume clustering utility. It presents all the RClone available volumes as a single clustered volume. It supports 1-way sync mainly for backup and recovery. Sprinkle uses the excellent RClone software for cloud volume access.


Consolidate multiple cloud drives into a single virtual drive
Sprinkle your backup across multiple cloud drives
Minimize cost by stacking multiple free cloud drives into single one
Run as Unix daemon with custom schedules for seamless backups of important files
Developed in Python for extreme multi-platform flexibility



We love the concept and features that Sprinkle brings to bear with rclone.

We have a really well setup rclone implementation in a GCP VM. I have tried to add Sprinkler to the VM. In the step to install Progress it tells me that the installation was successful.

arnold@rclonedesktop1:~/sprinkle$ pip3 install progress
Collecting progress
Installing collected packages: progress
Successfully installed progress-1.5

The pre-requisit test also passes:

arnold@rclonedesktop1:~/sprinkle$ ./sprinkle.py --check-prereq
checking prerequisites, examine the error messages below...
**** PASSED! ****

But when I run this command to verify the installation of Sprinkle I get this error. Remember that I am only using rclone with Google Cloud Storage and rclone currently works very well by itself.

arnold@rclonedesktop1:~/sprinkle$ ./sprinkle.py stats
calculating total and free space...
=============== ==================== ==================== ==========
2019/08/27 04:32:56 Failed to about: Storage bucket doesn't support about
error getting remotes objects

Do you have any advice.