Speedup Upload Speed

Hello, I have 100mbits Fiber Connection and Nowdays There is issue with My ISP,
I Tried to Upload Files and it Gives me around 500kbps, but When i Split Files in Multiple Files and Upload all parts at once Through "zoom File Uploder" then i get all Around 12mbps, it means Multi Connection Boost My Upload Speed,

I am not Experienced with rclone, so i am using rclone with rclone browser, and Linked a google drive. and i wanna know about is there anyway to upload a Single File using multi-connection and What is --chunk-file-size in rclone,

once again, i am new with rclone


If you want to increase upload speed to Google Drive then increase. Note that rclone buffers the chunks in memory. Setting it to 64M for example.

 --drive-chunk-size SizeSuffix      Upload chunk size. Must a power of 2 >= 256k. (default 8M)

Hey I Can't Understand Will You Please Tell Me More Clearly, I am using Rclone Browser So Please Give me Exact Code What to Paste,

Add the flag --drive-chunk-size 64M

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