Speed Up Rclone Mount gdrive

I need fast ass possible reading option for gdrive files. I have got lot of for example 100GB files.
Currently my mount option looks that:
rclone mount -v --no-checksum --no-modtime files: /home/work/files &

Have you got any idea how can I improve that for faster reading?

Much of the help template is missing so it's hard to guess what could be your best options since there is so little detail.

If you want to include some of that, it would be helpful to get a good answer.

you can prime the mount, to have rclone scan and cache the gdrive folder/file structure.

for example, if i need for my media server to scan the mount for new files.
first, i prime the mount.
then i have the media server scan the mount for new media and that scan will go very fast.
rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true

if you need additional help, when you first posted, there was a template of questions, you need to provide answers to all of them.

Also, you should not use &, but the --daemon option to run the rclone mount in the background.

what is the difference in behavior between & and --daemon?

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