Speed issue (possibly related to rclone)

Hello guys! Seems like I have an encountered an issue (which may or may not be related to rclone) but when I use rclone to upload something (or for streaming via the FUSE mount) to Google Drive I get pretty terrible speeds.

I remember that like 1 month ago I used to get pretty good speeds, 30MBps+ on uploads (my connections is 1000/500), but nowadays I can’t get more than like 15-17 and that’s with 20+ transfers.

Now, I don’t exactly believe that my connection is the issue since I used and nload to check if there was a difference between using google’s website and using rclone for upload 1 test file in order to check the speeds (a 16GB movie) and check this out.(using a custom client_id & client_secret didn’t make a difference)

https://i.imgur.com/6HX9z3X.png (using rclone copy to an unecrypted folder)

https://imgur.com/mTaU2NE.png (using the web UI)

What do you guys think?

Have you tried at different times of day to see if it is network congestion somewhere?

Hmm, good idea. I guess I’ll test this in the upcoming days now that I’ve finished my mock exams.

Also, something that I find interesting is that the uploads start off at some pretty nice speeds (7-8 MBps) but then they drop down to 1-2Mbps (sometimes even under 1) very quickly.

Seems like it was something indeed related to the network, getting even better speeds now :smiley:
Anyway, thanks for taking your time to help me, have a nice day!

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