Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, Plexdrive, RClone

Hey gents,

I am new to this Rclone and PlexDrive business so be kind to me :slight_smile: . I am picking up on a lot of conversations in this forums about how to go by configuring both to work with Sonarr and Radarr on Linux but I am missing a whole lot. Currently I have:

/usr/sbin/rclone mount --config /home/yourusername/.config/rclone/rclone.conf --read-only --allow-other --allow-non-empty --buffer-size 64M Google: /mnt/Google

Plex Drive
sudo plexdrive mount -c /root/.plexdrive -o allow_other -v 2 /mnt/Plexdrive

I can use either mounts to configure Plex Libraries. “/mnt/PlexDrive” or "/mnt/Google"

Now, What can I do to configure Sonarr and Radarr to use them? Also Post-Processing to these mount points.

Also, I notice some are configuring their drives to use crypt/encrypt. Why? Again I am very new to this so you may have to go a little slow. All help are appreciated.