[SOLVED] Any way to have rclone check file size twice quickly?

Solution: --min-age 45m

Original Issue:
I have a folder that large files are automatically copied to (rendering output, but that's not so important). I have a script that runs every 15 minutes that moves those files to my cloud remote.

Occasionally, only 1 file will be in the folder, and rclone will start transferring it, but it's actually still being written to the disk, and rclone will error out after a while.

I've set --retries 1 so that after it errors out, it won't retry again for another 15 minutes (hopefully by then the file has fully saved).

Is there a way to have rclone check twice quickly to see if the file size has changed? Sometimes it errors out after transferring only a few mb, sometimes it'll transfer 300mb or so before it 'notices' that the file size is still changing.

Would a potentially better solution be to set up a cache mount and just have rclone only move files to the server after they have been in place for 15 minutes?

If I were to go that route, how does rclone count time? Files in cache folder are moved 15 minutes after they have stopped changing in size, or 15 minutes after they first appear? Something else? Perhaps I could just set it to 45 minutes, as I expect rendering to usually happen within 30 minutes of beginning.

What about just using a '--min-age' flag set to some time.

That's perfect. I searched all through some of the docs, but it never occurred to me to look at filtering. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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