Slow response time over http server with google drive

Cool. Thanks, finally I found something. Issue is occurring with *.deb only. Just tried with 272 MBof mp4 videos, everything is normal.

Have you ever encountered such issues here 9r any forum ?

What the hell, same file just changed the extension .deb to .mp4 get downloaded in 6 second.

I tried this

rclone -P backend copyid drive: 1SQsXWefS4F62zRwIlAV5RsJyXlK82EUz /tmp/

And yes - it did nothing for approx 30 seconds before downloading normally.

Maybe google is virus checking it or something?

Maybe google is virus checking it or something?

Yes, Do any ways to disable it.

I thought --drive-acknowledge-abuse might help but it did nothing.

I don't think there is a flag in the drive API to turn off virus checks - not one I've found anyway.

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