Slow or no internet while rclone is running

i’m running clone on my mac mini, backing up an SMB mounted share from my freenas server to b2.

when my backup is running, no other devices on my network can access the internet. i’ve got bwlimit set to 1M and have tried slower limits, but still have very poor connectivity.

any advise? thanks.


Note that --bwlimit is measured in bytes per second whereas most internet connections are measured in bits per second.

So a bwlimit of 1M will equate to 8 Mbit/s?

The way to tune it is to stop rclone, and find an external thing to ping, maybe your isps website. Note that ping time down.

Now start rclone. If the ping time is much higher than the one you recorded then decrease bwlimit. If it is the same then increase it.

This way you’ll find the max transfer rate of your connection. Set it to 10 or 20% lower than the rate which starts the ping time increasing and you’ll be able to rclone all day without affecting other stuff.

thanks nick! i will play around and do some more testing this morning. i appreciate the quick response!


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