Slow Mount Speeds

Trying to mount a Team Drive (google) using "rclone.exe mount D2: X:" it works, but is slow (only around 20MBps) while for reference, goodsync (similar program, less functionality but atm faster) regularly reaches speeds of 40MBps, I coudn't figure out how to generate a log, I have given the teamdrive both: a custom client id and custom client secret, but is still only 20MBps, are there any other ways to boost performance? Could it be because I use the same ID for a few other TDs?

It depends on how you're testing speed. Bigger files will perform better. You didn't post any command line, log, use case, etc so it's hard to comment on guesses.

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the speed you will get depends on what you plan to do with the mount.

when copying files on windows, this flag, while not technically needed, can speed up transfers.

without this flag

with this flag

for logfile, add this to command
--log-file=log.txt --log-level=DEBUG

Tested speed using h2wtest, and copying large media files, its for use with a media server

How would I use this flag with rclone mount @asdffdsa

You just add it to the mount command.

rclone.exe mount D2: X: --vfs-cache-mode=writes --log-file=log.txt --log-level=DEBUG

what does --vfs-cache-mode=writes actually do tho?

have you read this?
and this?

test the command i shared with you...

just started testing, huge improvement, thanks man

I accidentally cached a ton of my bootdrive, how can I purge the cache?

the files are located

i am sure there is a command but i do not know what it is.

or perhaps try --vfs-cache-mode=minimal

How do I specify the cache directory? (and if possible have it auto delete uploaded files)

i posted the link with all the info.
have you read that?

I think I did, gonna reread it

Just double checking, the command I would use to use my "D:\cache" as the directory is: "rclone.exe mount D2: X: --vfs-cache-mode=writes --cache-dir D:\cache", right?

yeah, that looks good

alright thanks, ill try that

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