Slow Gdrive Transfers

Rclone version: v1.52.2
Linux kernel: 4.15.0-188-generic

Rclone mount parameters:

I use the above config for Plex- and it's run beautifully for a couple of years. I recently ran some system updates, and since I'm finding that copy speeds decreased considerably, from over 100MB/s to 2.2MB/s, however it doesn't seem to be consistent. Some files are faster than others. All grabbed from the same mount.

I have noticed my IOWAIT has increased- I'm wondering if it's due to the much discussed "async-read" update that was introduced in 1.51. I have a feeling I may have been using an older version of Rclone before the recent update.

For the Rclone/Plex experts here- are there any parameters I should change/add/remove to improve transfer speeds?

Many thanks

that version of rclone is years old, the lastest rclone is v1.59.0,

tho you mention that the issue might be system updates but might want to take a read of

this is a set of optimized parameters.

I suggest you start reading here: Rclone mount random slow speeds

The speeds you quote (2.2 MBs) are absolutely in line with many other people's recent experiences.

Thank you. Seems the issue is Google related rather than Rclone.


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