Slow copy speed to mounted google drive with windows file explorer

Maybe let me say again.

I want to use rclone mount, and copying a file to the mounted drive with speed i get with rclone copy(50MB/s). But since the file size i copy is around 5TB, it is impossible for me to have a 5TB partition be cache. I only get 20-30MB/s with rclone mount. What cache or vfs mode i should use tp get 50MB/s speed? Thanks

If you don’t have a spot to store it, you can’t use the cache as it will fill up before the copy is done.

If you don’t have disk space for copy. It can’t copy it. You may be able to MOVE directly it to the tmp_upload_dir as that wouldn’t use more space on that move. (Although that isn’t really the way it’s supposed to be done, I believe it works and would pick it up for upload in the next interval.

If not, you’re back to using copy/move/sync.

So…it is impossible for me to achieve high speed upload with rclone mount, if i dont have a cache size equal to the file i am uploading? Or is there a workaround that i can use the chunked upload in rclone copy on rclone mount?

Impossible is a strong word. You can always log an issue on the github and see if that is something that can be added. I’m not sure if there is a good reason as to why it is done the way it is.

Workaround would be to use rclone copy.

That will use chunked upload. The space required would be enough to actually copy the file at the OS level. the cache ‘size’ isn’t a factor as it will just not cache it after upload.
Personally, i’d just setup a scheduler job and have a upload directory and have it use ‘copy’ as that is simple.

mounts simply won’t chunk at this time directly so somewhere you’ll need to actually copy the file if using a mount. Or you can use regular rclone copy/sync/move.

Thanks for your reply,

i tried with the following command nearly the same as the link you post above
rclone: Version “v1.46” finishing with parameters [“rclone” “mount” “josh:1” “V:” “–cache-tmp-wait-time=1s” “–cache-tmp-upload-path=W:” “–cache-db-purge” “–cache-chunk-total-size=1M” “–cache-writes=true” “–cache-chunk-size=2G” “–cache-workers=1” “-v” “-vv” “–fast-list” “–drive-chunk-size” “512M”

but still, the upload speed is still stuck at 2xMB/s,with spike at 3xMB/s.
Seems that i have to stick with rclone copy.
The reason that i wanted to get rclone mount work is because…i want to use windows copy in cmd to merge some files,ie: copy /b a.txt + b.txt merged.txt.
and i wanted cmd to put/pipe that file into the rclone mounted folder(automatically).with rclone copy’s speed.
seems i can’t do this as the speed is slow for now, i have to use ‘copy’ instead of ‘mount’

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