--size-only in config file

is there the flag --size-only to be add in config file?

I am no longer finding it in the docs. There was a table that showed all the backends supported MODTIME or not. Where can I find it again?

--size-only is a global flag, cannot be added to config file.

and the rclone docs has a search box, in the upper right corner


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also, https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/2697
"Storing defaults for global flags in the config file"

yes. Environment Variables is fine.
but is there a way to define --size-only inside the rclone.conf with the backend config?

this is because I use with S3 and not with GCS.

--size-only is a global flag, cannot be added to config file.

not sure what you mean?

I need to use --size-only with S3 but not with google cloud storage (GCS).

sorry, again, not sure what you need help with, so provide details, commands, etc...

I'll keep the same script and commands for both backends.
but one of then I need to include --size-only and the other not.

I could do improving the script but if could be defined to each backend separately would be easier.

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