Simple new feature which would let you finish active transfers after abort command (Ctrl+C) has been issued

I am thinking that it would be nice if there would be "--clean-abort" like flag which would let you finish currently active transfers (upload/download) before committing to full halt. Or is it bad idea and "Ctrl+C" is meant for full abortion only? But for that you could make that "Ctrl+C" command issued second time halt all transfers for good. That feature would help with limited upload/download quotas and slow download/upload speeds as it won't be wasted by running same transfers second time.

You mean like a graceful abort?

This has been discussed before.

This could be an rc command easily enough... An idea was that the first CTRL-C would do a graceful stop, but the second CTRL-C would stop regardless.

Yes, that is what I mean. Just don't know correct term for such thing. So it is not currently implemented in any form?

Here is the issue

It isn't implemented at the moment

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